4 Benefits of Physiotherapy

Calibrate 2 Jun 2022

If you experience pain in your joints or muscles – whether with sports or just as part of everyday life – physiotherapy could be of great benefit to you. Physiotherapy is used to improve strength, mobility, function, and reduce pain. Our physiotherapists in Singapore help people of all ages and backgrounds improve their movement. In this article, we will explore four key benefits of physiotherapy.

Reduced Pain

Pain is a mechanism that your body uses to motivate you to do something differently – much like how hunger urges you to eat – sometimes a little too enthusiastically, when it comes to having one more cupcake.

Pain can be caused by damage to the body, such as a torn muscle, or an inflamed tendon. However, pain can function like a warning signal to motivate a change in behaviour before any damage occurs. A physiotherapist is trained to identify the causes of your pain and give you actionable solutions to feel better. Physiotherapy management involves both improving how your body works and deals with stresses – as well as refining how you move and train to avoid unnecessary stress.

Physiotherapists also have methods to help reduce pain quickly. By using their hands, tailored exercises, and electrical devices, physiotherapists can relieve tension, stiffness, swelling, and soreness that can be a significant cause of pain.

Recovery from Sports Injuries

Sports and exercise are good for you. Be it running, jumping, lifting, twisting, or bending – doing sport stimulates your body to adapt, keeping you strong and healthy. Unfortunately, it’s also possible to do too much – overloading a certain muscle or joint for example, leading to injury. This can be a sudden injury like a sprained ankle or a more gradual injury, like tendinitis. Physiotherapists, as experts in physical activity, can help you recover from injuries and help you train in a way that avoids them occurring in the first place.

Through sports physiotherapy, many people return to sport after an injury feeling even better than before they were injured. By identifying any potential problem areas, and improving your strength, mobility, agility, endurance, and balance, your physiotherapist can improve your symptoms – while also making you a better athlete. We offer physiotherapy in Singapore to everyone from professional athletes to nervous new-starters – giving everyone the professional treatment they deserve.

Improved Posture


Posture is the position in which we hold our bodies. When sitting, when standing, or even when sleeping.

Many people experience aches or pains related to their postures at work. In Singapore, where most office employees spend long hours sitting, persistent back pain, and persistent neck pain are very common occurrences. It turns out that sitting like a wet pretzel at your desk for 9 hours a day doesn’t do your body any good. Our Singapore Physiotherapy service can help you to identify how your posture may be a factor in any pain or discomfort you are experiencing, and offer insights and advice towards optimising both your workspace, and your body, to minimise it.

The skills that define the best physiotherapists lie not just in having good hands-on treatments, and in giving appropriate exercises – but also in understanding how their patients live outside the clinic. Improving your posture certainly doesn’t just mean sitting upright and pulling your shoulders back – this sort of generic advice is often very counterproductive and creates more tension. Instead the best physiotherapists can identify where areas of tightness or weakness in the body can lead to inefficiency or discomfort, as well as identifying how your posture at work, or in your free time may be a cause of pain.

Improved Mental Health

Doing what you love makes you happy. Having a sense of physical autonomy makes you happy. Not having pain all day at your desk, or every morning when you wake up makes you happy. This may seem like a series of statements taken straight from a book of obvious statements. But it’s not always immediately obvious to people how their physical health can form such a large component in their mental health. As a team of Physiotherapists and Osteopaths, we at Calibrate work to help resolve impediments to people’s wellbeing.

Calibrate Health is an Osteopathy and physiotherapy clinic in Singapore, offering a range of treatment and management solutions to help you move and feel better. Contact us today for more information!


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