Our mission is to be the catalyst for positive change in your life, to calibrate it to its optimum.

About Us

To be well calibrated is to be uniquely optimized for your specific demands. This optimum looks different for everyone, and we all start at different points. From this place we can fully appreciate our lives, we do our best work, we push past our expectations.

Whether you are in poor health and pain; an athlete striving toward a new best; or healthy and wanting to stay that way – helping you tune your body, and your behaviours to be your best self is our passion.

Hands-on Innovative Solutions in Health

Our mission is to change lives one appointment at a time. We have helped thousands of people out of pain and to feel their best.

What Matters To Us?
Most importantly YOU

We believe in putting you first. Calibrate’s mission is to provide the best results and experience for you. We do more than just understand your injury- we are determined to understand what makes your situation unique. Striving not just to reduce pain, but to be a catalyst for your flourishing.

Expertise and Innovation

Striving to be the best

Development never stops. To ensure that we provide the highest quality care, the Calibrate team is continually learning -revising and expanding what we know and what we can do. We hold weekly staff development and regularly participate in courses, seminars and workshops to stay top of our game.

Collaboration and Community

Life is better together

We are more than just a service – we are a community. Your first contact after injury and there to celebrate your victories. We share our expertise not just in the clinic, but also by organizing workshops with our partners, and working closely with fellow professionals such as Doctors, PTs, Dentists, and Coaches. Everybody is welcome in our community whether your goal is a 50km run or a 1km walk, a personal record in the gym, or just lifting your grandchild.


Promoting health

When working with each patient we ask ourselves how we can best promote health –  instead of focusing purely on what has or might go wrong. Health isn’t just the absence of pain or disease but a state of resilience. Being aware of this helps to put your goals into perspective and often recalibrates how we look at  ourselves.


No matter your age, health or goals, we are determined to make a positive impact on your life. We have helped thousands of people out of pain, or to out perform their expectations.