Pre & Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Although it is often preferable, and possible to avoid surgery for many conditions, occasionally surgery is necessary. There is an inevitable, short term loss of strength and mobility that occurs with any surgical intervention, Calibrate works with many people before and after surgeries – spinal surgery, knee replacements, ligament repairs to name a few – helping people improve pain, movement, and function.

After many procedures, timely rehabilitation is essential to maximise recovery. Early management usually involves gentle mobilisation, swelling management, and muscle activation. Rehabilitation will always be performed in reference to any post-surgical guidelines, stipulated by, or better, in direct communication with the operating Surgeon. Rehabilitation will always be guided towards each individual’s goals – whether it’s walking a flight of stairs, or elite competitions.

In these cases it can be hugely beneficial to prepare the body physically – the stronger we are going into a procedure, the stronger we are starting our rehabilitation. For example, prior to a knee surgery, we want to maximise the muscle mass – in an attempt to preserve as much function as possible in the recovery stage.


No matter your age, health or goals, we are determined to make a positive impact on your life. We have helped thousands of people out of pain, or to out perform their expectations.